Pre-Trial Disputes

Holistic planning for commercial litigation means getting it right from the start. Sometimes as a litigant, you need help with pre-trial disputes such as: identifying a defendant, working out if you have a case, or with preserving your rights and property as a small business or private client. Litigant’s Principal Solicitor is a seasoned professional with relevant experience in the use of preliminary discovery, interim preservation orders and applications for urgent interlocutory relief. Pre-trial disputes often relate to:-

At Litigant your commercial dispute receives ongoing care and attention from our Principal Solicitor. Your legal advisor is focused on your long-term litigation goals and as a former barrister brings an added layer of technical ability to the suite of options available to you.

We are sydney litigation lawyers. We help with: making or responding to a letter of demand (or a without prejudice offer), making offers of compromise, negotiating a Deed of Settlement, getting or opposing an injunction or taking a matter to trial. We handle different cases such as breach of contract, remove a caveatproperty disputes and others. Call us on T: +61 2 9199 4530 to discuss your options.