Dispute Resolution Process

Litigant appreciates that its commercial clients want help using the litigation dispute resolution processes of the courts and justice system to correct legal wrongs that they simply cannot let go. We take our professional responsibilities seriously by letting our clients know upfront that there are alternatives to litigation such as mediation (which we can help with) and that only cases with reasonable prospects of success should be pursued by proceedings.

Our business resolution process is here for a wide range of dispute claims

We aim to provide dedicated legal support to a range of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in a wide range of suitable cases. In that regard we have advised on both big and small cases and indeed on some of the more complex matters where our approach has seen satisfactory results for clients in various parts of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

We assist our clients with all aspects of civil procedure from selection of the appropriate forum (jurisdiction), pre-trial disputes to commencement and conduct of the case. Our track record along each step of this process shows that we have helped many of our clients achieve sensible outcomes. Given that litigation is always uncertain and expensive you will need to think very carefully about how you go about trying to achieve the desired outcome for you and your company.

Your commercial dispute receives ongoing management attention that gives proper consideration to:

After more than a decade of helping clients pursue commercial and business dispute litigation we like to think we have experience that could help you finalise your claim.

What sets our litigation dispute resolution team apart?

Unlike some other lawyers we have seen the inside of a courtroom. This has made us deeply sensitive to trying to provide you with a sensible business and commercial resolution while always remaining cognisant of our overarching obligation to try and be cost effective and time efficient. We pride ourselves on our candour, integrity and professionalism and whilst no one is perfect we work hard on this whether in negotiations with the other party, a mediation or whilst representing you in court.

For clients throughout Sydney and surrounds, the team at Litigant is focused on results. We are dedicated to your case. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out more.

We are sydney litigation lawyers. We help with: making or responding to a letter of demand (or a without prejudice offer), making offers of compromise, negotiating a Deed of Settlement, getting or opposing an injunction or taking a matter to trial. We handle different cases such as breach of contract, remove a caveatproperty disputes and others. Call us on T: +61 2 9199 4530 to discuss your options.