Case Management Federal Court

As a litigant it is important for you to appreciate that the Federal Court [see: s 23 FCAA] and not you will manage your case as it moves towards trial. The court will manage your case is a series of directions hearings [see: s 37P FCAA] which we will attend on your behalf. At such directions hearings the court will typically make orders about how your case should be managed.

We have advised clients on case management issues in the Federal Court and appeared there in a number of Federal Court disputes over the last 10 years. It is our practice to recommend that experienced counsel be briefed to appear in complex matters under instructions from us. Let us help you manage your commercial litigation in the Federal Court so case management principles are adhered to.

Our firm is committed to handling your case management needs with competence and trust whilst all the while remaining accessible to you as our client. Our Principal Solicitor has been admitted to both the Federal and High Court since 2004 and has since then helped litigants in Sydney with legal advice and services in respect of their commercial disputes in the Federal Court. Our experience enables us to answer many of your questions and handle your Federal Court Case Management needs so you spend less time being personally involved and more time working on what inspires you.

Let Us Help You:-

  • Take genuine steps, under the Civil Dispute Resolution Act 2011, to try and resolve your matter before proceedings are instituted. Alternatively, if you are on the receiving end of a notification / letter of demand we can help you respond to it in an appropriate fashion
  • Consider whether the issues can potentially be addressed by mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution
  • Understand the Federal Court Filing Fees, then plead your case (or brief Counsel to do that) by defining what is in dispute and then e-lodge your forms
  • Comply with the orders made by the Court as part of the case management process as it moves towards trial
  • Attend the directions hearing (or instruct Counsel) where typical orders include those made under FCR 5.04 about pleadings, affidavits, joinder of parties, mode of service, requests for and answers to particulars, discovery and interrogatories, admissions of fact, inspection of property, expert evidence, and matters pertaining to the trial.
  • Help you know your important Court dates and if you wish to attend we can send you the listing details as published on the Daily List for the Federal Court (New South Wales Registry).

* This content does not purport to give legal advice. Readers must obtain their own legal advice, that applies to the particular circumstances of their case, before taking any action at all.

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