Limitation Periods

As a litigant you need to know what the relevant limitation period is, how it works and whether it will prevent you from exercising a particular right. Many of the limitation periods for matters in NSW are contained and set out in the Limitation Act 1969 (NSW). It is worth noting that LawCover publishes a useful Schedule of Limitation Periods in Civil Matters that litigation lawyers consult to advise their clients about how the limitation period applies to their facts and circumstances.

We have helped many clients since 2002 understand the time limits that apply to their case so that they know whether a right can still be exercised or whether time has run out. Let us help you get timely advice on what your rights are and the last date for exercising such rights.

Our firm is committed to advising you about the critical dates and time limits in your case with competence and trust whilst all the while remaining accessible to you as our client. With more than 10 years’ worth of experience in providing litigants in Sydney with legal advice and services in respect of the important dates and time limits in their case we should be able to answer most of your questions about when time starts to run, when it stops and what law(s) will govern the relevant limitation period.

Let Us Help You:-

  • understand what, if any, cause(s) of action are available to you
  • when time starts and stops for exercising rights since you will need professional advice to understand the complexities
  • exercise those rights that are available to you
  • stop the other side from bringing claims against you that are out of time
  • vindicate your legal rights before the limitation period cuts you off

* This content does not purport to give legal advice. Readers must obtain their own legal advice, that applies to the particular circumstances of their case, before taking any action at all.

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