Why Choose Us For Your Litigation?

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Our clients find that: -

  • Our litigation lawyers are easy to deal with;
  • We focus on disputes and have lots of relevant experience;
  • We display great commerciality of advice;
  • We are cost conscious lawyers.

Make today your turn to get legal advice about a dispute. Call Us on T: +61 2 9199 4530.

For detailed information about why you should choose us read our Why Us Publication published by Ben Beukes - Principal Litigation Lawyer.

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We are sydney litigation lawyers. We help with: making or responding to a letter of demand (or a without prejudice offer), making offers of compromise, negotiating a Deed of Settlement, getting or opposing an injunction or taking a matter to trial. We handle different cases such as breach of contract, remove a caveatproperty disputes and others. Call us on T: +61 2 9199 4530 to discuss your options.