Commercial Litigation


Commercial Contracts

So much of what happens in personal and business dealings involves a contract even when nothing is written down. Almost every case we see involves a contract and highlights the need to determine what it says (constructing its meaning), understanding how it applies to the facts involved and providing a road map for how it is enforced. 

As there are many statutory overlays to contracts it is important to appreciate early on what your rights are. We help private and commercial clients make better sense of their dealings when more than just the written document is involved. 

Corporations and Insolvency

Corporate clients rely on us to advise them on how to enforce rights against companies and that requires a sound understanding of corporate insolvency and shareholder oppression actions. Issuing or opposing a statutory demand is just one instance of how we can help. 

Personal Insolvency

We often act for creditors who need to enforce rights against parties where personal insolvency may come into play. That means getting a judgement is only part of the solution as you may need help enforcing it. 

Consumer Protection

Not every case involves a contract. Sometimes it is necessary to rely upon the misleading representations made by a party to obtain compensation or to force someone to do something. 

Equity Disputes

Contracts involving the sale of land often require the intervention of the equity courts when for instance specific performance is necessary. 

Insurance Disputes

Disputes commonly involve insurable interests ranging from the need to notify an insurer of a claim or to actually make and pursue one. We have helped client assert their insurance rights inside and outside the courtroom. 


We are sydney litigation lawyers. We help with: making or responding to a letter of demand (or a without prejudice offer), making offers of compromise, negotiating a Deed of Settlement, getting or opposing an injunction or taking a matter to trial. We handle different cases such as breach of contract, remove a caveatproperty disputes and others. Call us on T: +61 2 9199 4530 to discuss your options.