Looking for a Small Business Litigation Firm focused on Results ?

For a wide range of business and commercial disputes, the lawyers at our civil litigation firm go above and beyond to try and provide you with sensible results. We represent private clients and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in disputes and mediations, in cases varying from the smallest cases to some of the more complex cases.

Business Litigation During Pre-Trial Disputes

Holistic planning for commercial litigation means getting it right from the start. Sometimes as a litigant, you need help with pre-trial disputes such as: identifying a defendant, working out if you have a case, or with preserving your rights and property as a small business or private client. To find out more visit our Pre-Trial Disputes page.

The Entire Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation Process

Litigant appreciates that its commercial litigation clients want help using the dispute resolution processes of the courts and justice system to correct legal wrongs that they simply cannot let go. Please visit our Dispute Resolution Process section for additional information.

Commercial Business Litigation Firm

Small businesses and private clients usually try to resolve their commercial disputes without getting lawyers involved and that makes great commercial sense. However, when parties are unable to resolve their differences and grievances they will need considered legal advice to chart a sensible course of action. Our Commercial Litigation and Will Contesting pages sets out additional information about our range of services.

What sets our lawyers apart?

Our lawyers pride themselves on aspiring to work with integrity, professionalism and honesty through the entire process. We try and take proper recognition of your needs with a view to seek sensible outcomes that are aligned with your commercial interests. Our processes are geared towards looking for efficient and cost-effective outcomes and we use flexible legal solutions to develop a plan that is tailored to your business goals in so far as possible. We work hard to put the plan into action, never being satisfied to rely on past results and a reputation alone as there is always a need to apply our skills and knowledge which took great effort on our part to accumulate.

Contact us with your case to discuss the next steps

Our Sydney lawyers are committed to helping you realise sensible and appropriate outcomes for your case. If you would like to bring a dispute to our lawyers’ attention, please do not hesitate to contact us on +61 2 9199 4530.